What Is Sustainability About?

What Is Sustainability About?

What Is Sustainability?


Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their needs. The concept of sustainability is composed of three pillars: economic, environmental, and social. Which ultimately comes down to the 3 Ps – profits, planet & people.


How can we as individuals lead a more sustainable life? Well next week I am going to my nephews Friday evening wedding which was cancelled last year due to Covid. So what was my first thought? I have nothing to wear? What am I going to wear? Well it turns out that there were some clothes sitting in my closet unattended for the last 18 months…that I ignored while I began to look online and found nothing that I liked.


Then last night after a couple of glasses of wine I decided to go through my closet.

I found an awesome pair of knee-high black suede boots that I have never worn. So standing there naked in my boots I decided this was the beginning of my outfit! Sorry.


Then I discovered a marine blue jumpsuit that works with the boots adding a white linen blazer, but maybe this look is a little casual? So I dug in deeper and found this black, white and beige coffee bean print skirt from Ann Taylor from 5 years back. What if I add a fun black halter top with a cut out front and then that white blazer? And add that chain belt from 15 years ago? It looks amazing! So now I am looking for stockings to complement the outfit and I am going through a drawer with stockings from the 90s? Ok there’s nothing.


I am going to shop for the perfect nylon stockings to match this outfit but will be thinking about how they can be used in the future as well. Most importantly, I will use clothes from my existing wardrobe and carry my Titanium Mini Backpack.


Sustainability has always been a theme in Sportschic simple Scandinavian design which is meant to last across the seasons and years. The colors whether metallic or matte are neutral and meant to complement every active lifestyle.

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