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SportsChic Vegan Totes and Backpacks are sustainably designed, super functional and eco-friendly. Check out our customer reviews on the product pages! SportsChic Vegan Totes and Backpacks make great baby bags or diaper bags, in addition to gym bags, yoga mat bags, tennis bags, work bags, travel bags, overnight bags and handbags. Let us know how you use your bags + pictures @Sports.Chic.Lifestyle!                                           

Gym Bag, Yoga Mat Bag, Tennis Bag, Golf and Pickleball Bag
What makes all these bags great gym bags? Throw your towel and change of clothing into the Maxi Backpack or Tote bag, pack your hot or cold drinks in the insulated pockets, laptop and ear buds in their compartment, and you are headed to work out. Pack your damp workout clothes and towel into the waterproof nylon interior, simply sanitize the bag exterior and you are off to work.

If you are only going to workout and not packing a change of clothing the Midi Backpack or Midi Tote is your go to.  Leia one of our influencers just packs a drink, sunglasses, keys and her bands in the Mini Backpack and she’s off to work out!

For Yoga the Tote is an excellent Yoga Mat Bag. Your rolled mat fits perfectly inside the bag and there is room for your towel, drink and even a yoga block. With the waterproof interior and exterior and polished silver feet you can take your yoga anywhere. Namaste!


Plus you can customize any bag with your initials, name or logo!

For a tennis bag the Maxi Backpack or Tote serves it up! The Maxi Backpack has a secure back compartment that holds up to two oversize racquets, a hook to hang the bag, insulated side pockets hold a can of balls as well as drinks, even a bottle of bubbly, and there’s plenty of room for your towel and other accessories in the waterproof interior. The Tote bag’s easy access insulated pockets keep your drinks hot or cold and prevent cell phone melt down.  The padded interior compartment holds up to two oversize racquets, and the spacious interior compartment holds your towel and tennis accessories in unique, practical compartments. 

Did you know that Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the US? The Midi Backpack and the Midi Tote are amazing pickleball bags! They each carry two racquets, have the insulated pockets for your favorite beverages and have room for your gear.

New this season for Golf is the Midi Tote which keeps everything accessible from the cart and keeps your drinks and snacks hot or cold. Plenty of room for balls and towel.


Work Bag, Office Bag
What kind of gear you carry to work will define your work bag selection. If you use a small tablet or iPad then the Midi Tote and Midi Backpack bag has got you covered. It is simply a choice of your bag type preference.


If you carry up to a 13” laptop you can choose from the Maxi Backpack or Tote. Again it is a matter of form factor preference but with each you have the same features and functionality which include easy to clean waterproof vegan leather exterior, insulated pockets to keep drinks and snacks hot or cold, and the waterproof easy to sanitize lining.

Carryon Travel Bag, Overnight Bag
Whether boarding a plane or just staying overnight the SportsChic Vegan Maxi Backpack and Tote are durable, easy to sanitize and made for travel. Both count as carryon handbags for plane travel and fit under the seat for easy access. For short weekend stays or business overnights just bring both!


The easy access pockets keep mask, boarding pass, passport at your fingertips and the insulated pockets keep your drinks and snacks hot or cold. There’s plenty of room for your mobile devices and everything you need to pack.

Whether going for a stroll or out to lunch with friends the Midi Backpack and Midi Tote keep you organized. Both handbags have plenty of exterior and interior pockets to keep your things in order with separate compartments for your iPad and cell. The Mini Backpack is a great light weight vegan handbag option for carrying just the essentials although you’ll be surprised at how much you can fit inside and out! 
                 Tami Mini Backpack Bronze

Baby Bag or Toddler Diaper Bag

Moms and new moms alike love all four vegan tote bags and vegan backpacks for new baby and toddlers.

Why? Moms feel safe and secure when out and about because the bags are easy to keep clean inside and out. The vegan leather exterior is UV protected and waterproof as is the nylon interior so just keep sanitary wipes handy to keep both mom and baby safe.


Most importantly, there are insulated easy access external pockets to keep baby formula, kids’ juices and snacks hot or cold. The easy access pockets keep mom’s mask, keys, sunglasses and baby binky within reach.

There is plenty of storage room for blanket, diapers, change pad and internal pockets to keep baby essentials organized.

 The Vegan Midi Tote bag and the Vegan Midi Backpack bag are perfect for an outing to the park, shopping or play date while the larger Maxi Backpack and Tote work really well for all day outings and travel.         

Why Vegan?
Did you know that leather is the most egregious textile and has the most damaging impact on the environment?  Cruelty-free vegan leather has 1/3 the impact on the environment, is recyclable and can be sanitized which is critical in today’s pandemic environment. Genuine leather is both not sanitizable and not recyclable. SportsChic is Peta approved.
            Violet Mini Backpack

What is Sustainable Design?
Designed in LA, the SportsChic design ethos is Scandinavian based with elegant design and color that is purposely created to last for years to come. We work with environmentally friendly vegan leather and look forward to using many new plant-based sustainable fabrics for future vegan handbags in the years to come.

Where Are SportsChic Bags Manufactured?
Our vegan handbags, totes and backpacks are manufactured in a modern facility in China which maintains a safe and ethical manufacturing environment. We place a strong emphasis on quality and have maintained a successful partnership over the last 5 years.