Engraving Guidelines and Terms

We are thrilled to help you customize your Sportschic product with a logo, picture or monogram.  Sportschic uses laser engraving to create high resolution and distinctive logos on our bags.  This process exposes the colored layer under the surface and varies from bag to bag.  We do not recommend engraving our black bags because the logo comes out black too.  

Please keep in mind we cannot engrave trademarked images (think Hello Kitty) and inappropriate or offensive images.  Engraving is limited to an area approximately 3" by 3".  To get the best result ensure the following:

  1. The provided image is at least 1200 X 1200 Pixels.  Higher resolution even better
  2. The image is in JPG, PNG or PDF format.  We can also handle a vector if you have it.
  3. The image does not have fine lines that will not render well
  4. The image is not a photograph.  The laser cannot do gray scale

We will make the determination of the suitability of the image provided to our sole discretion.  We will not do any image processing of any kind.  You are solely responsible for the image and its resulting output.  Once you submit your image, we will review it and check it for suitability.  If there are any issues, we will contact you via email.

Engraving orders will be processed within 5 business days from the receipt and payment of this engraving order PLUS the placement and payment commitment for the purchase of the bags unless other arrangements are made.  You may contact support@sportschic.com if you have any requirements or questions.  Orders that include engraving are not cancellable nor returnable.  Once a bag is engraved it is yours unconditionally.  

By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to purchase the bags included in the order in accordance to the terms and conditions of our Sportschic sales program including timely payment in accordance with the payment terms extended to you by Sportschic Inc.