The SportsChic Story

Karin Shoup Founder SportsChic

I founded SportsChic in 2015 when women’s active fashion, fitness and wellness trends were just beginning to explode in the marketplace and slow fashion was gaining traction. I wanted to simplify and organize women's daily life with high quality vegan bags featuring sustainable style and functionality to carry from the gym to work to play and travel. The result was the first Play All Day Backpack.

Today, in 2020 the active fashion and wellness lifestyle continues its explosive growth and SportsChic has released six new styles of backpacks and totes.  All our bag exteriors are waterproof and UV protected and feature easy access insulated pockets to carry sports drinks, water, smoothies, even bubbly! Our interior lining is also waterproof with plenty of pockets and compartments to store your daily essentials, mobile devices, racquets and/or yoga mat. Most importantly, the sleek Scandinavian style and sophisticated colors are timeless and designed to last.