Women's Designer Vegan Leather Sports Backpack and Tote Bags

As a women’s sports bag company, we’ve put a lot of time and thought into what women want as well as need from a day-to-day accessory. SportsChic Founder and Designer, Karin Shoup, found the inspiration to form SportsChic when she couldn’t find a durable, versatile bag that worked on-and-off the tennis court. That was 2015. Today, SportsChic offers two distinct collections of versatile, stylish women’s designer sports bags.

We know the market is saturated with flimsy totes and polyester backpacks, so we encourage you to make a long-term investment in one of our women’s designer sports bags. Below we highlight the SportsChic Difference.

SportsChic bags give you the style and space you need

Traditional sports bags tend to be either too bulky or too small. They also don’t fit into settings outside the gym like girls’ nights out, work conferences, and other day-to-day scenarios. We’ve created two professional, aesthetically pleasing lines of women’s sports bags. Our totes can take you from yoga to the boardroom while our backpacks are perfect for any woman on-the-go. The best part? They don’t take up a lot of space!

SportsChic bags are practical

Several women’s designer sports bags come with unnecessary compartments, flashy hardware, and a design that makes items hard to access. As a women’s sports bag company, we know the importance of fun and functionality. We’ve designed our backpacks and totes specifically with ease of access in mind. Our bags are durable, waterproof, and UV protected. At the same time, we make them from fashionable materials such as our tote’s clean faux pebbled grain vegan exterior and our backpack’s vegan ostrich exterior. We’ve avoided ostentatious details and kept our women’s designer sports bags’ hardware minimal, metallic, and polished.

Want to learn about the advantages of SportsChic? Shop our tote and backpack collections today!