Sustainable Design

My parents grew up in Europe during World War II.  Those times instilled in them the values of thriftiness, simplicity and reliability.  These values coupled with innovation, functionality and sustainability are the ethos of Scandinavian design that has thrived across the years as far back as the Age of the Vikings.  After the war my parents moved to the United States from Norway and Denmark where I was born. 

The Viking Spirit never left my father, whose job took him all around the world discovering new lands and new cultures, most of which he brought back home to New York in the form of stories, photographs and, for me dolls in their native costumes representing amazing and diverse textiles, colors and ethnicity.  This, along with our family’s travel abroad, formed in me a very international design aesthetic, which was further refined while living abroad as a designer in Paris.  These values continue to live in me today and inform my own aesthetic of Sustainable Design.

Today, Sustainable Design is critical to the environment and the future of generations worldwide. Each decision we make as designers and manufacturers can have a positive effect on the world we leave to our children.  Any product must combine the values of Scandinavian design to deliver the maximum utility to the person using it combined with an approach that is timeless and therefore, reliable and sustainable.  This is SportsChic.