Vegan & Easy-to-Clean

When I began the journey to produce my first Sportschic bag I wanted to produce my product in the USA.  I found plenty of capabilities in the States to produce simple nylon fabric backpacks, but these manufacturers lacked the skills and expertise to work with more technical fabrics and Sustainable Design principles that I required in my product.  The complexity of design along with the use of vegan leather, insulation materials and waterproof fabrics could not be met with a Made in the USA label.  I had to go elsewhere. 

My journey led me to Guangzhou, China to a manufacturer producing handbags for some of the top labels in the US with the experience working with technical fabrics in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.  This was very important to me because vegan leather is made out of recyclable polyurethane and is 70% less impactful on the environment than the production of real leather.  It is also waterproof and can be properly and completely sanitized, something that is impossible with real leather.  We completed the waterproof and clean theme of our bags with fully waterproof pockets and interior linings.  The result is that every Sportschic bag features Sustainable Design with a small environmental footprint.         

We will continue to reduce our environmental footprint through experimentation with alternative fabrics based on organic materials like hemp, coconut, and bamboo. We stand committed to continue our focus on ensuring Sportschic is responsible towards our environment and its future.