The SportsChic Insulation System

When I set out to design my first bag of the SportsChic product line, I tackled a number of challenges that I faced when using my traditional sports-branded bag, from the dull appearance of this style of bag to the organization system that clearly had been designed by someone not dealing with the organizational requirements of a woman to a simple thing like “where do I put my water bottle”.  This challenge evolved as I realized that I preferred to carry an uninsulated water bottle because of its capacity and ease of use but by the end of a tennis match my water was warm or even hot.  The clear opportunity here was to create an insulation system that could be incorporated into a stylish backpack or tote that could keep “hot things hot and cold things cold”. 

Months of research and development resulted in the patent pending SportsChic Insulation System used today in all our products.  The SportsChic Insulation System features soft supple waterproof fabric that matches the waterproof nylon interior color (currently black or hot pink). This lining is used to create different types of pockets and compartments across our line of backpacks and totes.  The Maxi and Midi Backpacks have three easy access exterior thermal pockets and both the Totes have four. Even the Mini Backpack is insulated and carries a small water bottle! New moms can carry all of baby’s needs including warm formula in any of the bags. One of my friends is diabetic and she stores her insulin in one of the pockets when traveling to protect it from temperature extremes. Our customers in hotter climates like Arizona and Florida swear by the ability for them to safely protect their cell phones from the extreme heat by storing it in a SportsChic bag.

So, remember that every SportsChic product features our Insulation System that keeps your “hot things hot and cold things cold”. 

Hot Temperature Performance Chart Cold Temperature Performance Chart

Temperature performance readings of distilled water taken over a 90 minutes period with an ambient external temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit.